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Cynthia was a happy employee. She liked her organization. She was always busy but she was hard pressed to demonstrate achievement with specific meaningful results. Advise Cynthia or the organizational leadership on what could be done so that Cynthia can contribute to results that matter to her and the organization.

Key: Your response must be 50 words or less!

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If I am understanding this correctly, Leadership should be appreciating what Cindy brings to the table with her apparent work ethic and if she is happy, enthusiasm. That being said leadership should be pointing out specific results they want. These results could then become Cindy's goals. Once those goals are met. Cindy is more engaged in her work/organization.

Cynthia - I advise you to have a chat to your manager and ask them to explain how your efforts contribute both directly and indirectly to the performance of both your team AND the overall organisation.  That way, you'll keep your sense of happiness and add a sense of being valued too.

“Otherwise-occupied" leadership appreciates self-directed innovation. Cynthia, leadership's next generation, can engage employees, including herself. If she "demonstrates achievement", at least one employee's engagement advances. Advice: define quantifiable metrics that mark role success. Define their collection/maintenance. Submit to accountability “trial-runs”. Impress management. Spread the word! Achievement-oriented engagement will become the norm.

...if and only if leadership is open to employees trying to improve/rise. Fearful leaders will crush this enthusiasm. Most employees joining an organization are enthusiastic and engaged. All good leaders have to do is channel this. Yet we find so much teaching on 'how to create engaged employees'. Task 1: don't disengage your employees!

Let's take a look at how SMART goals work Cynthia. By doing this you will be able to demonstrate what it is you are achieving. Upon achieving your goals - you will have a trail of successes to clearly illustrate results.

Ahhh yes SMART goals. Great idea!

A sense of achievement comes from knowing that the work done is part of something bigger and not just keeping the lights on.  Communication is imperative for people to understand there are goals, there are strategies to reach those goals, and there are tasks to support the strategies.  So COMMUNICATE!

Leadership needs to let Cynthia know they CARE about her (Communicate, Appreciate, Respect, Encourage)  By engaging, smiling and doing her job well, Cynthia is a great example of what the company is looking for in an employee. Cynthia should express her feelings.

Remember that Cynthia needs to articulate her achievements. If we can help her to find a way to do that, then she and the team can see her value. As she accomplishes more and can illustrate this in hard facts, she will be inspired (as will others around her) to do more because she actually 'sees' what she's doing to make things work better. 

If an employee is left to 'toot their own horn' then there has already been a failure in leadership. Requiring employees to enumerate their achievements changes the goals from solving problems and creating progress to collecting brownie points.

Cynthia, does your company really know what they expect from you? Have they communicated those goals to you? In any case, you must sit down with your manager and discuss their expectations. Once clarified, you will have to decide if they are consistent with your core values and if so, focus on achieving those goals. The meaningful results will follow.

We are told a fully engaged employee does things because the things need doing, not because anyone is watching or counting.  Asking an employee to keep a running list of achievements is contrary to the engaged employee idea.


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