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Bob is the production manager for 75 employees. His employees range from 19 to 64. Bob read that different generations require different methods or approaches to be engaged. Yet Bob is concerned, in this union facility, about treating employees differently. He turns to you and asks, "What should I do?"

Please respond to this case in 50 words or less. Make your response concise. Don't try to cover it all rather write your "lean" essential response. 

A collection of responses will be published in our fourth case study e-book. To be included, your response must be 50 words or less.


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Bob, focus on building trust within the work group, utilize the energy of the younger staff and the experience of the older, provide a way for all generations to "show off their stuff", and foster a culture of acceptance of differently ideas and work styles, young and old sharing openly. 

Thanks to all the contributors. We will have this open for another week and then begin assembling it into the next Case Study eBook.

Be simplistic in your speech. Not everyone that you come in contact with has read the Oxford English Dictionary from cover to cover. Simplified makes a better statement than being so complex you leave a bad taste in their mouths. Leonardo da Vinci once said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

A collective agreement makes it critical that no elements of favoritism, inconsistency or lack of transparency or lack of clear measurable performance standards can be present.  

Lead with integrity, trust and involvement. Manage with consistency, fairness, transparency and involve staff in setting both personal and group plans and personal objectives.

Take steps to improve the organizational environment, experienced equally by everyone, by being accessible, sensitive, responsive, and supportive. This will make for better relationships and increased engagement. Then when engagement wanes, as it naturally does, employees will be less likely to default to the one size fits all union contract. 

What are the organization's core values....they need to be defined and adhered to, rather than just talked about.

Allow peer recognition: employees openly recognizing other employees for their contributions.

Bob, engagement requires employees to first feel safe! You can respond to their “safety” concerns by being accessible and supportive. Creating this type of working alliance and environment is not age specific or unfair.


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