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I use this a lot in my presentations, because it so clearly illustrates what Engagement isn't, and the cynical view that many employees have when execs. try and promote it.  And oh, it's durned funny...

What are your favourites?

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I'll use it to motivate clients to live up to their stated values, so for me its not depressing at all, just a helpful reminder of how things can be if one is not careful!

best to you

Whoa, that is cynical, even for Dilbert!
ok this probably isn't quite the right place for this but it made me giggle!

1PM We're all soulless automatons here
Processor: Can I have the Human Resources Department please?
Young receptionist: Human resources?
Processor: Yeah. Personnel, human resources..
Young receptionist: I think you have the wrong number, you need to call the hospital for that. (hangs up)

Lake Katrine, New York
via Overheard in the Office, Dec 8, 2010

Aboslutely great, thanks for sharing!



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