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Bring It...Your Charter “We Believe” Statements!

As promised in David’s “co-create a charter” discussion  here is a collection point for “we believe” statements, for better or worse. Hopefully, this can grow better with minimal discussion of the merits or weaknesses. If I could suggest with no offense intended, this may be better is there is no plugging of specific approaches, tools or services—just try to stick with generic statements. Does that make sense?


I’ve started with a few statements below prefaced with “we believe”. But these are just “my” beliefs. Add your own, let’s get them listed together and see what the collective outcome is.


I’ll compile the input as long as they are simple statements, not Tolstoys! The outcome will be published back so we can tweak and add to, in the hope that we can move closer to a cohesive outlook on our friend engagement.



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A few for starters...(I really DO believe these things!)


We believe that our EEN community does not need one definition, one approach, one leader to achieve our goal of 20% by 2020. Our collective, coordinated efforts will get us there.


We believe the visible, measurable manifestations of “highly engaged” people include a high level of satisfaction in what they do, combined with a high level of contribution toward achieving goals. Therefore, highly engaged people have a significant impact on bottom line metrics—productivity, profitability, retention, earnings per share.


We believe the impacts of engagement far outweigh the importance of agreeing on a universal definition of the word “engagement”.


We believe the benefits of engagement are universal: equally powerful in the workplace, in schools, in communities, in society.


We believe that while engagement may be impacted by decision-makers or others in positions of influence, at the end of the day the individual owns his own engagement.

We believe participation is positively productive.

We believe doing stuff because it's right works.  

We believe that encouragement and an atmosphere of learning support a culture of engagement.

Bonnie, David:


Thanks for getting the ball rolling again!


I have to add something that I am living right now through a rather huge initiative:

Engagement is driven by individualized inclusion that comes only through connecting….first with oneself, then with others on a one-to-one basis.


Could probably write a book about the experience, but not now!


Thanks for taking some of the Charter on. I have been working on webinars, promotions, and network development. Good to see this keep moving.



You got me thinking Craig, as you always do. I like the we believe idea and yet I know each person will not be embedded in every we. I am now wondering about a mosaic rather than a charter that embraces different opinions, perspectives, and definitions. Do we need singularity? Let me wrestle with this and perhaps in round 2 use your belief statements as the spring board to a mosaic.


A mosaic is intriguing rather than the delusion that "we" would be automatically inclusive! Good idea, but only if you include your springboard items from the original thread, David!


David’s “co-create a charter” discussion  


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