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Monica thought Grace was the worst boss she ever worked for. Grace bullied and berated Monica at every opportunity. Monica only talked about this with her husband. He was tired of her tirades. Grace thought Monica was incompetent. Results were plummeting and office morale was sinking as their relationship deteriorated.


Please respond to this case in 50 words or less. Make your response concise. Don't try to cover it all rather write your "lean" essential response. You are free to take this any direction.


Here are some questions to stimulate your thinking.

  • What could Grace change?
  • What will this do to overall engagement?
  • Who is responsible to make this different?
  • What do you think Monica should do next?


A collection of responses will be published in our second case study e-book. To be included, your response must be 50 words or less.


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Is the e-book available yet?

Emotional intelligence for both parties.  Seek out alternative dispute resolution services.

They were both right.  The office went out of business.  The end.

Grace needs to take responsibility for Grace, and ‘manage herself.’ She needs to change the way she responds – not reacts – to her boss and be transparent and authentic. She could also try feedback if her boss is open to it “ Monica, I think our relationship is strained and it impacts the morale of the office". When I hear you say _____ to me it makes me feel _____. ” Grace does however need to be prepared for the fact Monica may not react the way she hopes.

Monica, unhappy at her position, applied for an internal promotion.  Grace realising an opportunity to rid herself and the team of an 'inneffective' member promptly gave Monica a glowing reference and ensured that she was promoted out of the team.  Whilst everyone within the organisation knew of the problems - it wasn't actually dealt with.

I suspect the above is the more the reality of such a situation? ;-)

Grace’s public floggings of Monica created a toxic atmosphere for all, and a “hostile work environment” for Monica specifically. Monica won a huge harassment settlement and bought controlling shares in the company. Grace was banished to the mail room in utter shame, and for those in her old area…party time!

Hehehe - that made me smile.

Craig go to the head of the class!  Everybody's dream solution to the boss from hell!


Not too many mail rooms in the age of email and texting. It will be quite for Grace.

The main problem is communication,there is no communication between them.

1. Grace as a boss be supposed to open communication, because as a good leader,should have communication competence.

2. Try to open discussion between them.

3. Both of them should be take responsibility as a boss and employee.

4. Dont talk the problem to her husband and try to communicate with Grace.

It is important that Monica has a confidential talk with Grace, so that Grace tells  Monica where she is wrong. Monica must remain loyal and respectful, as well as continueing to do her best. Monica can get assistance from a close friend of Grace who acts as a mediator.

Grace is responsible for the performance of her employee (and company morale) and needs to initiate the discussion. She needs to approach Monica with a humble attitude and ask for Monica’s help in improving overall productivity, which will include specific, measurable performance expectations for Monica.


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