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Perhaps ideal state of title CEO might evolve to mean Chief (employee) Engagement Officer. What steps might we take to move towards this ideal?

I'm playing with this concept. Need your collective insight and wisdom.


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I agree with the concept. It is pretty much impossible to maintain or improve engagement if the CEO is not fully behind it - Imagine how great it would be if the CEO was more than a supporter but an actual role model, living engagement-rich values?

I'm pretty sure any of us with 20 or more years in the workplace has seen the total destruction of employee morale (and engagement) at a change in leadership - who served the stockholders at all costs. We cannot stress it strongly enough how important the CEO is to ensuring the workplace at all levels is committed to employee engagement. But this also means that the Boards and other shareholders/stakeholders understand that the long-term view and alternate solutions to short-term problems are key to employee engagement and the firm's long term success.

I too look forward to seeing where this discussion goes.
Jean, I was scribbling some notes on other things and this topic popped into my head. Not on the campaign trail to change CEO mindsets. Started drawing boxes on the paper. Thought, wow...this one person certainly does have incredible influence. What I thought interesting was progress in this area doesn't cost money.


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