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The employee engagement network mosaic grew out of the Employee Engagement Charter  forum.  A big thanks to Craig Althof, Charshani Thennakoon, John W. Hall, David Marklew, Stephen Randal l, Paul Marciano, Jeannette Paladino,  Bay Jordan, Audrey Seidman, and Ganesh Ramakrishnan for your very thoughtful input.


After reading the input and a recommendation from Craig Althof I am inviting members to participate in the Employee Engagement Mosaic (Verbal Beliefs). Rather than trying to find declarative singularity through a charter that would never fully represent the diversity of members, let’s create a belief mosaic so that others will know what we stand for individually, what we share collectively, and to encourage readers to focus on their own beliefs around engagement. Rather than an attempt at a melting pot for the charter let’s create a pluralistic mosaic of beliefs about engagement.


This project does not preclude creating a Charter but a charter at this point of time is beyond the time and energies I have available based on the diversity of input expressed in the forum. If you have time and energy and would like to lead the Charter development for the network please contact David Zinger at


The purpose of the verbal Employee Engagement Mosaic is to express each individual's key belief about employee engagement, to be more declarative about what we each believe, and to give expression to the pluralism of voices in employee engagement. I trust this will help others involved in employee engagement determine their own beliefs.


I will move this mosaic from a forum to a document once we have a number of contributions. If we have enough contributors I will build a visual mosaic of EEN based on your images that are already posted on the network.


Please Read and Follow These 5 Mosaic Contribution Guidelines Before Writing Your Statement:

  1. Your belief statement needs to be contained in a short single sentence.Please be concise.
  2. Do not write additional elaboration or explanation of your belief (if you want to elaborate I encourage you to write a blog post on the network about why you chose that belief statement).
  3. Only statements that have the person’s first and last name attached to the belief will be included in the document.
  4. At this time, only one belief statement per member. If you offer more than one belief, only your first belief statement will be used.
  5. To create your statement follow this structure: "I believe_______________.

Sample: I believe employee engagement must achieve results, build relationships, and benefit everyone involved. (David Zinger)

I encourage you to reflect, determine your most fundamental belief about engagement and make a contribution to our mosaic.

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I believe that engagement is the DNA of any successful organization.
I believe that everbody is different and true engagement results when you "manage to the individual".

I believe that employee engagement is essential for organizational success because if our employees don't feel valued, neither will our customers! (Sybil Stershic)

I believe employee engagement is about believing in the power of everyday people and it is everyone's job to find the extraordinary in everyone.
This sentence is from my 8 year old daughter: "I believe that making work better starts with talking to other employees more." (Keira Joe Shaw)
I hope Keira plans to go into management someday. We definitely need more people who think like her!

Hi Sybil - very sorry for the delay in getting back to you, your comment is very kind. I told Keira what you wrote and she says thanks you but she will probably be an artist :)


Cheers - Doug

I believe employee engagement begins with articulating a mission and vision that employees can feel proud of and excited to align themselves with.
I believe that Engagement cannot be defined as merely a corporate initiative.

I believe the fuel that feeds engagement is connecting…first with myself, then with others (Craig Althof)

I believe it takes leadership working with their employees in an open, direct and collaborative environment
I believe that each person has the choice, capability, and opportunity to fully engage!


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