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Hello All,

Firstly I am so glad that I found such a big network to discuss and get enlightened on Employee Engagement.

I am post graduate student, my current dissertation topic is on Employee Engagement. I am currently reviewing plethora of literature available on E.E. I am unable to arrive at a topic within employee engagement to conduct a research for my thesis. I was told by my tutor to conduct a theoretical study and not a empirical study- which stops me from collecting primary data either by qualitative or quantitative research.

I would appreciate if you all can help me narrowing down my focus on employee engagement by suggesting few topics.

Looking forward for a continous interaction and association with you all.



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Hi, If I understood well, why not coin a topic like ---"STAY ON IF YOUR HEARTS IN IT" and take this up in the light of how giving a purpose & space to let them take initiative to plan & fulfill it keep their spirits high and how these motivated employees can help organizations grow healthier.

Sujata Dev
A very interesting thought !

Thx Sujata, in fact I started off my dissertation with that in mind. I had plans of talking about spirituality at workplace and empowerment. Sadly till now, I have not yet come across any study or empirical study with this combination in any of the journal database. Can you please share articles or link to such journals so that I can get some in-depth understanding on it.


Hi Vijay,

Re spirituality in the workplace, you may find the book Awake at Work helpful.

At least a good starting point!

Oops for some reason it didn't include the hyperlink...I'm a newbie to this forum :-)
Hello Lynn,

I certainly appreciate your help. I have requested for a copy of the same in my library. Hope I will get it soon.

Thanks a lot.

Have you tried 'Stirring of Soul in the Workplace' by Alan Briskin, or 'Well-Being' by Tom Rath. There are also lots of articles linking engagement to wellbeing and thriving in the psychology literature - these might provide a sound basis for your more spiritual exploration.

Hi Vijay,

I too am currently writing a dissertation on engagement. I have taken a broad sweep that addresses a business question - 'How can engagement add value to our business'. This has given me an opportunity to critically reflect on the literature ranging from history of the construct and its conceptualizations, through measurement, links to performance, conditions for engagement and interventions, to the employee perspective and the potential 'dark side' of engagement. Taking this approach, I have been able to tap into the academic and consultancy literatures, as well as the excellent cutting edge ideas in the blogs on this forum, and combine these with my reflections on my own learning journey of becoming increasingly aware of my own engagement and introducing the idea into my own organization.

Good luck with your studies and stay connected.

Hi Anne,

Glad that you are in the same boat and your boat seems to have steadied :). I would be interested to know the frameworks you have used in your literature review. And any tips on finding the literature would be much appreciated. I am currently relying only on Journals and Periodicals and few ebooks. I would love to explain my thought process on my dissertation and would like to know your point of few on it.


Vijay, you're in Lancaster, are you by any chance working with my friend Cary Cooper? If not he might be a good person to chat with a bit....let me know. If you want a topic idea which isn't related to spirituality, how about the contribution which an individual makes to engagement (Marcus Buckingham, etc.) versus what the organization makes? I think the intersection of those two is very very interesting. I also think the spiritual aspect is very interesting, depends where you want this thesis to take you....

Or explore the different approaches to enhancing engagement and collect already published data on how well they work...? Or look at the movement away from big surveys to alternative methods of measurement and how effective they are?

best to you, David
Hello David,

Thanks a lot for taking interest and responding. I have heard a lot about Prof. Cary Cooper. In fact I am currently reading few of his papers from journals. He belongs to a different department, I am from the learning and leadership department. I shall try to connect with him and get his thoughts as well.

I am currently evaluating all the topics related to Employee Engagement. My tutor keeps reminding me that we are not here to get a noble prize and wants me to keep it simple as time is very limited and it being a Master Thesis.

I might be closing on the drivers or factors that influence employee engagement. Do you have any other specific topic in you mind which can be done by collecting secondary data or library research? I would be happy to get your inputs as I progress in this.

Thanks a lot.


Vijay you are getting some great ideas here, as well as some excellent sources. If you are interested in drivers, how about looking at what drives individuals to engage and what drives an organization to make the environment such that an individual wants and chooses to engage? In my experience this is the formula which is needed, without either one, it doesn't come to pass.

good luck to you and hope you can chat with Prof. Cooper! I am sure he would be glad to do that.

Hi Vijay,
I suggest that you contact the Hewitt office in the UK. Hewitt does a lot of engagement studies in different companies. They may be able to put you in touch with some of the Best Employer consultants. Search Hewitt's website for Best Employer studies. The ones in Australia and India often post detailed results online.
Have you checked the Journal of Industrial and Organizational Psychology?

A theoretical research project sounds very interesting. You could also look at the different forums on this network to find specialists to interview - those who have been involved in employee engagement/commitmment...surveys for at least 10 years, those who use the results, etc. Get a practitioner's point of view in addition to the academic point of view.

There is also a couple of employee engagement forums on LinkedIn - not as good as this one, but there are other points of view that you might be interested in looking at.


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