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Employee engagement measurement tool recommendations?

I work for a small non-profit who does not have a budget to work with Gallop’s Q12 survey.  Does anyone have any other recommendations for tools we can use to measure employee engagement?


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Depends on how many people you have and how you might want to administer the survey. you could build and administer yourself with a little help on the structure of the questions and support on analysis - You need to work out what employee engagement means to you (or proxys) so you can work out the right questions. I am not sure that all "engagement" surveys or tools measure engagement - you know the q12 questions you can start there - but what for you are the indicators??
Intention to stay with the organisation?
Discretionary effort?
Trust in the Leadership team
Relationship with first line manager... and so on
Managers can go to the great manager program and their direct reports get asked the Q12. Check on the program here:
Archimedes Partners has an awesome engagement measurement tool that is based on Six Sigma oriented. Very powerful. Mention you are from the Employee Engagement Network and my name, they can probably work with you on a trial.
you can learn more in the webinar this Thursday November 9th at 11:45 A.M CST .
My recommendation would be don't waste your money on measuring something which is at best subjective. this is because if you need to measure it you don't have it. Spend your efforts on getting the workforce more engaged by putting in place some basics and see how much difference these little things can deliver. As a start have a look at my latest blog
"this is because if you need to measure it you don't have it" you are saying that Google doesn't have worker engagement?

Fact: they survey their people like crazy.

As for subjective: if your doctor asks you if you are in pain and on a scale of 1-5, how you refuse because its "subjective"? There is no better way to find out 1) if your workers are engaged and 2) if not then why not and where not, than a well-designed, well-run....survey. For a longer discussion on this, see here.

There are no degrees of engagement.

Engagement is a feeling, it is an intangible that cannot be measured, in the same way we can't measure caring or happiness.

What we can measure though are the things that we do to create the environment which allows engagement, or happiness, or caring, to happen.

If you survey your workforce and find out that they are not engaged, does that cause them to engage?
No, they are still not engaged and you have moved no further forward.

If however you find out what they need to engage then you are on the way, and what they need to engage won’t be gathered in a survey.

By starting to change the environment in which your workforce work, you begin to create the environment that will allow them to engage.

Understanding how to create that environment is the key, not trying to figure out how to measure it.

Peter A Hunter
Peter you seem like a smart guy, but sorry, sometimes the things you say just amaze me....

"Engagement is a feeling, it is an intangible that cannot be measured, in the same way we can't measure caring or happiness."

We can and do measure happiness, pain etc. Its called self-reporting, a solid methodology in use world wide.

"If you survey your workforce and find out that they are not engaged, does that cause them to engage?"

Peter, Peter, if your doctor asks you if you are in pain, does that make the pain go away....? No but she then knows how bad and where, which is exactly what a survey does. She can then treat it....or do deeper diagnostics to find out more.

A Doctor of course has no need of surveys because a doctor can recognise pain when he or she sees it and knows what to do to stop it.

Peter A Hunter
Peter we could go on endlessly with this, so basically we agree to disagree, but just let me say that when a doctor asks you "on a scale of 1 to 10, how much does it hurt" (which they do all the time) he is doing a mini-survey....


Great discussion. I would say that it is a good idea to measure engagement to get a base line of where you are and then you can begin to develop some plans, ideas, etc based on that. All great companies survey their employees and customers. It is one of the only ways that they can determine "the voice of the people". Of course, measuring is not the way to become engaged.

We have a powerful yet inexpensive tool to measure engagement, but even more importantly a process to do something with that data.

You can see about it here




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