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How does knowing what your employees think of your company gives you a competitive advantage in today's market?

What would you do to open the channels of communication?

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I think it gives the a sense of how they communicate about the company to people in the marketplace. It helps the organization understand what employees are saying on Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets. Although they may not be in marketing or sales, they are influencing perceptions about the company. Quite possibly, someone in their personal network may a client or potential client. Hopefully, their message matches the company's message.
Gerardo its the difference between trying to take a road trip with no maps and no GPS and not knowing where you are starting from.....and using GPS from start to finish. Thats the best way I can explain it. If you dont know how people feel and WHY they feel that way, you are driving blind. Even more important than what they think about the company though is what they think about their job, and especially their boss. The boss has such an effect on engagement that nothing else comes close (most studies, including my own, put it at north of 85% of variance in EE accounted for by the employee-boss relationship); and employee morale and engagement are what drive the customer experience, as much research demonstrates. So knowing what an employee thinks about the company alone is a very limited perspective.

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