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I would like to be part of creating a community or network that takes a stand on employee engagement by not accepting decreases in engagement and working together towards increasing global employee engagement 20% by December 31, 2020. I like to think of this as a 20/20 vision for employee engagement.

That's the result I would like to see. What about you? 

I invite you to join with me in working towards that result, determining how we work towards that result and co-creating a strong mobilized community working together while respecting differences to authentically, respectfully and effectively increase employee engagement for the benefit of all: employees, organizations, companies, customers, economies, government, etc. Benefits of this work range from a $200 billion dollar yearly global contribution based on current cost estimates of low engagement and disengagement to increasing each employees daily experience of work.

I believe as a community working together we can make this happen.

I ask if you are interested and to write your initial thoughts, hopes, dreams, concerns, and dedications to this.

Thank you for considering this. I  believe we can make a difference and that we have reached the size and strength to go from sharing information, to declaring an intention to make a difference, to working together to make that intention an engaging and engaged reality.

Will you join with me for the next decade?

Engage along with me, the best is yet to be!

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David..I would be lighted to participate. Our work is strongly engrained in the EE philosophy and model, as I am quite confident of EE being directly correlated to success of purpose. I wanted to add, (not in any way a sale pitch), that we use an amazing diagnostic tool that can illuminate the exact location of the mal-engaged workgroup within organizational skeleton, correlate to key drivers for actions and more. Our core EE work is derived from research from the Canadian Conference Board. They have cited 14 key rational drivers and 14 key emotional drivers, which are decent gague of EE.

Our success in people transformation become quite efficient by moving from the theoretical, to the use of evidence quality information that presents pictures of degrees and locations of both the engaged and not engaged employee. "If managers know the actions to take, managers will take the actions" is a theory that sometimes works. At the end of the day, if you can see what's not working, generally you can fix what's not working. (also sometimes)..

It's a tool we can contribute if the team has an interest. ......LOGIN: HPE results PW: results
Stanley - I think you should pitch, pitch, pitch!! ;-)

The more tools, books, videos, phrases, actions, examples, evidence that people can find and connect to, the better the outcome for the planet. No one size fits all and everyone responds to the plethora of messages coming at them differently - one of the biggest issues in engagement, right? Helping spread the word informally of what's available to help solve the problem of chronic under-engagement is a great way to start!

In my little way I try to help people engage by spreadding the word of what's available to people and businesses as we speak, hear, and work with them....each time I learn about new tools, books, etc its more things I can tell my clients about and point them in the right direction to people who have what they need!

Thanks for letting me (us) know what you do....

Thanks Pam...I was worried that this vital group would think I was just pitching. On the other hand, I know the value of technology to what we are trying to do....

Thanks agin for the support and I hope others see what I offer as a means to advance our expertise in this crital field
Thanks for being on board Stanley. I look forward to learning more.

Count me in for this. I've been teaching about generational differences for some years now, trying to increase awareness, acceptance and appreciation of the different generational paradigms. The lack of knowledge and understanding of these different paradigms oftentimes gets in the way of employee engagement. I recently read The 2020 Workplace which brought up the point that by 2020, we will have another generation entering the workforce. The book also reinforces the many other challenges that we are facing in the 21st century world of work. We definitely need to do something to harness the productivity that we're losing with low engagement. I'd like to be part of this movement to make a positive intention a reality. Thank you for leading the charge!

Great point about generational influences as we move to 2020. Not hard to lead a charge with people like yourself also involved. Let's generate all kinds of engagement with all kinds of ages all over the globe.
Network members:
I appreciate all the early comments and I will take my time to carefully read through what you have said and offered. Thank you everyone for already enlivening this idea for me.
David..We need to thank you...Transformation within organizations seems to take many forms and often times treated as just "another flavor of the month" or new schemes contrived by some just to sell a baseless new idea or concept. These are detriments to our images as transformational agents, but EE has legs. Its the fundamental bottom line requirement for growth and prosperity and although all of us recognize that statement to be true, very few of us can actually help clients make this leap with sustainable results.

If we all contribute, a goal would be to create a David Zinger "best practice" in deveopling EE within organizations. One that we can all follow. Experiences we share on this forum can be used by all in this group.

Is that an idea?
I think best or promising practices would be great to gather and share. It is nice to see the range of ideas already developing in the first week. I believe it would be an Employee Engagement Network "best practices."
Well done David. A challenge is the best way to engage minds.

On this site I remember reading a number of laments about a top teams usual approach. It is at this level things need to change to get the full benefit of any lower policy initiative.

I would propose a self assessment measure for top teams. This should relate engagement activity to practical things they understand and outcomes that are meaningful. All very easy to say, but engagement tends to flow from a whole lot of motivation strategies and training strategies and disengagement flows from not only management behaviour but also amongst other things poor appraisal and reward systems and poorly set up communication and consultation processes. One can test whether these things exist and whether there are feedback loops and whether that feedback is acted upon. If the relevant systems do exist they can be tested for being used in an adhoc or systematic way.

The outcome would be a percentage score about how good they are at taking actions that achieve engagement and striving to make things better. The ultimate test will be employee reaction of course, but maybe a how good are you measure at achieving productivity, innovation and engagement through people would be a good start.

I can visualise this and can sense one could do something both on a simple level and a more detailed level. ( I have already noted down some headings to work on!).

Perhaps others could suggest what they think and the existence of what systems and actions should be included in such a measure.

Hi John..An interesting approach..

May I give you a true account? A client CEO was fervant in his dream to create a customer focused culture, with a tactic of strong communication about his vision, with town meetings with the workforce.

To make a long story short, his perception was that he was successful, confident he changed his culture, got the workforce engaged and his business was growing. After the org. assessment, he was stunned to discover that the workforce, although engaged (survey results), was a milliom miles away from treating the customers any differently than before the customer initiative. His execution of a change strategy failed miserably.

So even an enaged workforce needs good leadership for a change effort. Image an disengaged workforce...
I love the idea of this and we will need to see who has the energy and resources to start to carry out some of the ideas and initiatives. Have you read the work of Marcial Losada: ?


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