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Our Completed E-Book: Write One Sentence of Employee Engagement Advice for Managers or Supervisors

Our last E-book on one sentence of employee engagement advice was very well received and many people wrote to say how helpful it was. Click on the cover to see the book. Thank you all for contributing.

Employee Engagement E-Book

It is time to compile our next contribution to employee engagement.

Our community contribution this time: Write just one sentence of advice for how managers or supervisors can engage employees.

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Understand every member of your teams motivation, align their aspirations to a clearly communicated business direction, give them all the tools to do the job and then empower them to deliver.
Think: if your boss approached you the way you're about to approach your employee, what would your interior
response be?
It is very easy to forget your own journey,share your failings as you grew,treat your team member as a mate inspire him.
Set performance goals collaboratively with employee and then hold yourself and employee accountable for achieving those goals.
Engagement is about capturing the hearts and minds of your team, open your heart and show you believe in them and truly care about them as people and they will move mountains.
Having a shared and compelling vision, continuously reinforced by communication, transparency, involvement and leading by example.
One secret for managers and supervisors to successfully engage employees is to strive to be interested, not interesting.

Judy Nelson, JD, MSW
Certified Professional Coach
You understand them, they would understand you which would be best for their Engagement
Best way to Engage employees: Communicate the ends and let them decide the means.
Ask the employee to share what they would like to be reviewed on, and how often
Be a Facilitative Leader and encourage others to be: make real connections; care for people accomplishments; stimulate real conversations; offer direction while restraining yourself, and letting others be part of the achievements.
Managers and supervisors can engage employees by communicating expectations and how the employees role contributes to the overall big picture (sense of purpose)


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