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Piano to the people! Wouldnt this be a fascinating way to engage employees?

There's an art installation going on in New York City -- Sing for Hope -- for the next two weeks where 60 pianos are on street corners and in city parks, inviting people to sit and play. The stories of how people are lured to the possibility of  the pianos, and then sitting down and playing their favorite piece, some basics like "Chopsticks," some Broadway hits, and some serious classical works.

Imagine if companies were to do a similar installation. Maybe around strategic planning time? Or the end of the fiscal year when the tension is stultifying?  The image of what might be possible in a different approach to employee engagement makes me smile thinking about the possibilities.

What other unusual engagement approaches might wake people up?

FYI: here's a link to the New York Times article about the piano art installation. I'm going to check it out this weekend with teenagers in tow.

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Lovely idea. Thanks.

You might like to visit for exercises designed to inspire engagement and change.

Thanks for sharing the thought.


Thanks Rob!
Funnily enough, I was on an away-day last week with a great 'facilitator', and we learned to sing a song (in three groups) that worked in the round. Once we had come together and sang it once, the facilitator said, "right, that's good enough. Now let's go to Liverpool Street station, and do it in public". Argh!

All but two of us went with it, and we found one of these pianos tethered to the station entrance (there's a similar installation in London, currently). So we struck up an impromptu performance, caused a lot of smiles, and went back to the session, 30 minutes after we were first shown the music, realising what we can accomplish together in a very small space of time, with the right spirit of commitment. Very strong experience, despite the 'happy clappy' factor.
Oh Adam,
I love this story. Thank you so much for sharing. What a real way to learn a lesson.Would it be OK with you if I shared with folks on my blog.

PS -- like the "happy clappy" term. I often use "hippy dippy" in same context.
Yay! The piano idea is also in London, happened last year too (oops just seen Adam mentioned that - ed). I love music as a route to co-creativity and engagement, that's partly why I do an annual singalong to a small crowd of about 250 friends and families. If you want a read about it - click the link :)

Piano to the people - great headline!
Here is a fun way to use a 'piano' too...

do watch and enjoy!


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