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High on the list of a leader, manager, or supervisor's daily work should be having meaningful conversations with others, beyond the regular small talk. Taking time to talk with a person goes a long way and is even more powerful if the conversation targets what matters most. This says to the other person I recognize you, I care about you, I am committed to your success, and I support you.

Our next e-book is Primers for Engaging Conversations: Questions or Conversational Primers to Help Others Engage

What question or statement would you use with peers, reports, bosses or others as a conversation primer to help them engage more fully in work, relationships, customer service, organizational goals,results, etc?

Write your engaging conversation primer question in one sentence. The ideal question or statement should be  written in a conversational style that reads the same way it sounds if it was voiced.

Submit one question or statement at a time. 


The book is now in publication. You can still add to the forum but any new entries will not appear in the ebook coming out in early April.

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Okay, we're all ready good, we might even be great.  So what can we do to get better?


If I was a leader with title power where I work, the second question would be "What can I do to make you better?"


Which leads to another question: Can't I do that regardless of my status in the workplace?

I would ask about alignment. A "primer" question that I would use is: "In what ways does your work contribute to achieving the strategic goals of this organization?"


Thanks for the opportunity to submit a sentence for the e-book.


This forum will continue but the last date for ebook inclusion is February 28, 2011.
What is the most important achievement you'd like to make here?
Team play will get us there

Hi Sandi:


The time difference is confusing me (what time was it in South Africa when you submitted?), so 'maybe' we can slip your contribution in. However, can you modify a little to give us a question to use, that will serve to engage others?


Just a heads up to others: the deadline is past for getting further contributions in the e-book. But the conversation can certainly continue. THANK you all!

So, what are the top three ingredients that you need to be fully engaged?


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