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Hi everyone,

the 360 survey questionnaires - are they being set up by each organization themselves or are there "general ones" out there? I would guess that each company has their own, relating to their values.


Is this something confidential or could anyone share examples with me?


I'm helping a client and could use some inspiration :)


Thank you,

best regards


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Hi, there are quite a few ready made ones out there.  One is boss rater  We have used another through survey monkey, but I'm not sure if it is available to the general population or is one you have to pay for.


Hope this helps.

Dawn - this is exactly what I was looking for - thank you SO much! I didn't know this site.

This will give me a nice basis to start from and get creative!


Have a great day,


As for 360s, make sure you get excellent output to be able to make valid comparisons bu each leader and then by each group of raters on each leader.  Its the technology of being able to isolate the uniqeness between each ...Can I be so bold as to suggest you look at L: BAA NA DEMO   pw: RESULTS.

Click all the button and see a whole new world open to you as a coach..

By the way, e have just done our first project with a consulting firm in Norway, doing work in Poland.  Its amazing how technology has allowed to to expand our business opportunities at warp speed.


I can only suggest that we all look to technolgogy to grow our speed and capability as well.  Consultants/coaches seem to be reluctant to embrace a better, faster way in serving our clients. 

Thank you Stanley and Heather, for your comments and your links - this is all super helpful and I'm busy checking everything out!




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