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RSA Animate Like Video Vignettes to Engage Employees.


Sometimes timing is everything.  I recently completed a year long work contract with a technology firm on managing Web 2.0 integration into corporate intranets. 

A former Video producer colleague from my broadcast publicity days contacted me to ask if internal commucators would be interested in RSA Animate like video vignettes to engage employees. 


I had loved the Dan Pink Drive: What Motivates us video on Youtube.  So I said I think so because communicators are looking or ways to cut through the communication clutter.  So as I look around and evaluate where I want to go next in my career, I'd ask what Seth Godin calls "My Tribe"- internal communicators and employee engagement professionals their thoughts and possibly write a few scripts and manage a few projects.  The response from asking the communicators I know, has been quite positive. So I thought I'd ask this group what there thoughts are for using these videos to engage and communicate with with employees.


Here is a video they recently completed for Eli Lilly.

And here is their demo video.


I think they originally saw it as a way to replace PowerPoint for Town Halls, but I think they are better suited for communicating leadership communication, explaining complex or mundane compliance issues,etc.  Your thoughts?


I look forward to the responses.


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I think you are on to something here.  There are some key elements of this type of communication that I think can engage an audience much better than a traditional presentation, PPT, or video.  I don't think it will replace those, but it can definitely enhance those elements. 




I think that these videos are interesting because they hold a person's attention.  They are fast paced and ever-changing.  They use pictures to communicate ideas.  There isn't any reason you can't do the same thing with Power Point. 

Good presenters will use any presentation tool effectively.  Bad presentation skills will sink even the best tool.  And sometimes, presentations are not even the best way to communicate (ever try to view a spreadsheet on PowerPoint slide?  Just put it in a handout for later!).

Larry Lessig has a unique method of presenting topics, using pictures and single words or short sentences.  Here is an example:

That said, I think RSA Animate is an effective tool for holding interest during a presentation.


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