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Slide presentation on employee engagement available via LinkedIn

My LinkedIn profile has a SlideShare presentation on employee engagement that you can access at the bottom of the profile.  It looks at engagement along a spectrum, employee inclinations toward engagement, and eight factors that influence engagement. It also has information about EE surveys and a few other topics.


Don Barkman

The Business Center

Oak Ridge, TN

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Hi Don


I have recently joined the EE network and I am linked in but couldnt access your powerpoint slides on engagement


Is there any way you could email me a copy of your slides?


Many thanks

Sabrina Richards U.K

Send an email to me at  LindedIn redid there hosting for slides after I posted here and that probably why you could not access them.  I'll see what I can do for you.



Hi Don,

I am also interested in your slide set. Please can I have a copy too?

Many thanks in advance




I need your regular email address to send the file.  It is just over 4 MB.

Email to me at




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