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Small Engagement: What's Your Small Idea or Action to Increase Employee Engagement in 2013?

Contribute to a small e-book for 2013

The start of a new year is often a time when people declare big ideas and huge resolutions. Perhaps the big idea for 2013 is the small idea or action. Let's work with the power of the small in 2013. Just because the idea or action is small does not mean it won't have a big impact.

We will put a small e-book together based on our collective thinking and action to share with the network.

What is the smallest idea or action you have to improve employee engagement in 2013?

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Simply connect. Make time to have truly meaningful conversations with people that reach beyond "how ya doin? How's the kids?" and other small talk. People like to be noticed and crave feeling important enough that others are genuinely interested in them, not just in what they do!

(What, no word limit on contributions David? I maintained a self-imposed < 50-word rule just in case! Great idea for an e-book. It's truly the little things...One Pond, One Pebble!)


Thanks for getting us started. I decided to see what would happen with no word limit, it is supposed to be a small idea. Think your "simply connect" is simply marvelous for engagement.


My small idea? Create an organisational seed-fund that individuals/teams can access with bids for money to support the set-up & implementation of improvement ideas & innovation. Engagement through harnessing ideas and creativity within the organisation.

I have an example of this type of scheme together with a specially commissioned one-off DVD interview with a top creative agency CEO who thrives on catching radical ideas and offers his own perspective on harnessing creativity within otherwise cautious corporate cultures. Happy to share, David.

Cheers, Sandy

Sandy, I would like to learn more about this capture of radical ideas. Let me know what to do next.

In my opinion, the most important employee engagement technique is personal contact. Similar to what Craig said, a simple visit to a person's office or cubicle to say hi, has a huge impact. As a manager and a leader, my advice is - take a few mins every day to simply walk to the floor, and connect with your team members.

Siddhesh: Nice to read this especially with someone involved in gamification and engagement. Many happy visits in 2013 to the various offices and cubicles.

I'll echo this one, on a recent course a colleague specifically mentioned that every day I make a point of going around the whole building to say hi to people. I said 'wow, you noticed' and he said 'yes because you're the only one who does it'. So, stage 2 - encourage the directors and managers to do the same!

I would like to set up a session with my team to establish what we can do as a collective to create an engaging environment and also to have a one on one session with the individual team members to establish how they would like to be recognised for a job well done.

Building engagement steam with team. Thank you Polelo

Small, simple and free - just say thank you. My employee research shows that a fundamental  human need is to be recognised and acknowledged - management is often "too busy" to spend just a few minutes to say thanks - it almost seems to them  that it is too easy to work - but it does.

Thank you for reading this!

Susan, what else can I say.....Thank you!

Spot on, Susan! I've done some research with Scott Jeffrey, PhD, who has indicated that 'thank you' has a meaningful impact on people's performance. 'Thank you' positively impacts individuals and the culture of the enterprise. 

Thank you is free, 100% recyclable, and always appreciated. 



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