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My workplace has decided to change the way that the line managers are trained and developed, bringing them together 3 times a year for formal management training and then follow up sessions with their board directors, and projects to stretch and develop them.


For the first session in January, we want to do something around engagement and the Q12 as a jumping off point. We'll only have a couple of hours, but any suggestions would be very welcome! :)





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I suggest that you train them on how to meet each employee's needs to be heard and to be respected. In addition, I suggest training them not to give orders unless in an emergency and to provide superior support consisting of tools, training, discipline, etc.

Best regards, Ben
Hi Lydia:

I am surprised no one else has chimed in on this...RE using Q-12, you may have some difficulty. If my recall is healthy, the Gallup organization is very protective of Q-12 as a valuable piece of intellectual property. I was a "master-something-or-other" for a Q-12 initiative at a Fortune 300 several years back. Some very good stuff available, all from the owners, Gallup. But you have to be licensed to drive.

Eric Nielsen belongs to the EEN, he works for Gallup.

(aha...edit deadline hasn't passed....)

Went to the source of some Gallup / copyright discussions right here some time back: check it out.
Hi Craig

Thanks for this - yes I understand about the copyright of the Q12 etc but would use the concepts eg 'what do I get', 'what do I give', 'do I belong', 'how do we grow' - especially focusing on the 'what do I get' bit as the line managers have most influence over that.

Had an idea from a colleague - doing SWOT analysis on each of your team members - ie do you understand them, know what makes them tick, are you focusing their work to play on their strengths etc. (I'd love to get everyone to do Strengthsfinder, not sure if the book-per-test investment would play well though!).



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Looking very forward to being home in Saskatchewan next week.

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