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Part 3: The Meaningful Workplace - Meaningful Defined

"In other words, what matters and what doesn't"


Understanding what makes something “meaningful”

In the course of a day, our senses open us up to millions of stimuli, each of which presents itself and demands our attention. To cope with the avalanche of input, our system quickly decides which stimuli are significant enough to be acknowledged and, which are so…


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Your People Will Make Your Brand Meaningful (If They Believe In You)

There are many "tangible" brand moments that are under direct control of a brand (the lobby people enter, the ad campaign they see, the packaging on the product they open, etc.)


However there are also many "intangible" moments that play an important part in defining the success of a brand.


These are moments when people of the brand interact with other employees, customers, partners, suppliers, distributor, investors, community leaders, and so…

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Five Key Differences Between Emotional and Emotive Brands

It's not too hard to spot an emotional brand. It uses emotions tactically to either make people laugh or to gently tug at their heartstrings. These brands typically only do this through their advertising. 


Emotive brands are far more rare. These are brands that forge meaningful - and valuable - emotional connections through everything they do.


So while someone may happily buy a brand based on its emotional advertising, they…

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Do You Know What's Driving Your Employees?

Take a moment to think about the people working for your brand right now:

They are in elevators, at desks, in conference rooms, at the water cooler, on the phone.

They are in cars, on planes, in taxis, on a teleconference.

They are closing deals, answering questions, presenting ideas, pitching prospects, processing orders, producing goods, answering phones, inventing…


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