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The purpose of “work” hasn’t changed. The meaning of work, however, is in constant motion.

Every day, every job, every work event creates numerous unresolved expectations. Can these be resolved from job descriptions and annual performance appraisals? No. Career/Job satisfaction is a hearts and interests issue.

For companies, talented, enthusiastic employees aren’t enough. Focus isn’t enough. Despite the emphasis on clear strategies, expectations, and rewards, the key to employee contribution has resided — and will always reside — in individuals.

If your own values are disconnected from your company’s, and if your work does not satisfy your own stimulus package, you’re personal satisfaction and job satisfaction will grind down. Self and company both lose.

Do you take a sabbatical to write a book, create a blog, or find another job? No. Why? Unresolved expectations will follow you wherever you go until those expectations are surfaced and resolved.

In the case where no resolution is immediate, the power of acceptance takes over. Accept what cannot be changed; work instead on the connection of heart and interests - fearless, searching self examination; no short-cuts. This truly is the road less traveled.

Unfortunately, many seek career advice from experts only to learn later that the true expert was you.

You start simply with a self examination of the disconnections. You then start working on creative alignment of you, your job, and your employer. You then field test ideas on the Lean Career Compass (private, member-only career site sponsored by VSL

There are thousands of self-assessment forms, workbooks; fill in the blank manifesto’s out there just waiting for you. Save your time and money.

Know this: a self assessment without voice and action is a memoir. Self assessment with voice and action works – always did, always will.

You have everything you need now to get going on this. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how your passion will be re-invigorated – and you just might find new ones.

Have you been thinking too much about something without giving it a voice?

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Comment by Marian Madonia, CSP on April 5, 2010 at 11:11am
I love your quote "A self assessment without voice and action is a memoir."

Marian Madonia

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