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No, No, No, No, No, Yes: Gideon Amichay at TEDxJerusalem

What is your relationship with No?
Is it "No!" or "No," ?
Do you resist it or embrace it?

After graduating with honors from Bezalel Art Academy, Jerusalem, Gideon moved to New York where he persevered to realize his dream to design a cover of the prestigious New Yorker magazine. He's the chief creative officer of one of the largest Israeli advertising agencies and recently published a book "No, No, No, No, No, No, No, Yes" about innovation and creativity.

Gideon shares in a candid way, his personal story of handling rejection, he unveils how to decode No with patience and perseverance. He helps us to understand the inspiration of the word No. To learn which "No" we are getting, to understand what re-thinking and change into new vertical that presents an opportunity without losing hope and keep living our dream.
When we change our perception of "No!" into "No," (No comma) , the "No," is not a red light but a beginning of a Yes.

In our advanced workshop we practice "SW, SW, SW, SW" how to handle rejection and keep chin up. This inspiring story is a good proof of what is needed to evolve and change without losing hope and keep trying....

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